So mountains huh? That sounds kind of cool…

'Oh good lord, where do I even   begin?!' -THE TRAINING

Now that the embers of my impatient fury have settled, we embark on the dull and arduous task of training.  Great.  I really didn’t think this through very well did I?  Oh well, the deposit is down (and I’ve now told everyone, even worse than a deposit) so it’s not like I can back out right?  Right.  Onwards and upwards it is then!

Here are the things that you need to know so far:

  1. I am NOT an ‘outdoors’ person.
  2. The last time I did something ‘outdoorsy’ was Duke of Edinburgh (Bronze), way back in the days of yore.  It was fine and everything, actually I quite surprised myself at how much I enjoyed it, but the internal squabbling and knee high mud did put me off somewhat…
  3. There is no 3, I just felt like there should be.  Sorry.

With that in mind, how does one living in the West of Scotland even begin climbing things like hills and mountains?  Oh yes, well you just do.  Check out all that ready made scenery just waiting to be trod all over.  

West Highland Way. Photo credit: flickr

Well me being me (a big fat scare-di-cat) felt it might be more fun to join some sort of group, who arrange walks and hikes and all sorts of fun things.  And what better way to meet like minded people right?  After all, I’m now a hiker, a trekker, one of those super cool mountaineering people that climb and boulder and all sorts!  Ok, maybe not.  But still, in my 2 months remaining in Scotland, I made two of the smartest decisions I think I have ever made (even if my legs did complain a little). 

1) I joined the Glasgow Young Walkers
2) I joined the Glasgow Climbing Centre (complete with Introductory Course and all, go me!).
Ben Nevis, in Scotland, is the highest point i...

Ben Nevis (Photo credit: Wikiped) For the record, I don’t think the West of Scotland has ever been this sunny.  Photoshop for sure!

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

First West Highland Way, then Ben Nevis and then the climbing course…Stay tuned for more on!


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