Ben Nevis

tinyindiangirlupamountain takes on the highest peak in Scotland!

(and the UK for that matter).

Most people dream of ascending Ben Nevis at some point in their lives.  Some people just think about.  Others plan and train, whilst enthusiasts will have been up and down it so many times there is no other word but ‘disgusting’ (with a healthy dose of ‘awe’ and ‘jealousy’ mixed in there).  Me?  I decide to climb it on my second walk, ever.

My strategy was very simple,

 'If you don't mind I'm not going to speak so I can transfer all my energy into my    legs'.

Now I know that sounds like absolute tripe but remember a) I like to talk, a lot, but more importantly b) ‘Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred from one form to another’.  So with The Law of Conservation of Energy firmly behind me I can assure you that after 7 1/2 hours of up and down walking, I was rather grateful for my rule.  But, even writing this, I can’t quite stop the grin from spreading across my face.  I just climbed Ben Nevis.  Me.  Like actually me?  Wow.  I don’t care if it’s the worst time in the history of man, I am the most chuffed person on Earth right now!  What a buzz!

I can honestly say, after my slightly disappointing West Highland Way introduction, the climb was incredible.  Incredible maybe just for a rookie, but for me that looming mass drifting into the clouds felt like a mini-Everest.  And I realised a little something about myself that day-that I like going up, not across.  I like that thrill of knowing you are climbing something so tall, so high and so cool!  And yes West Highland Way provided the odd bit of scenery here and there, but oh my word what amazing views!!

So you see, I was chuffed on more than one account.  Yes it was amazing to have gone up and then down, but I can tell you I was damn well pleased that I got some sort of kick, an adrenaline rush if you will, from the whole ‘I’m climbing something really tall’ thing.

After all, Everest is going to be a hell of a lot of up!



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