Damn-Is it 2013 already?!

New Year’s Resolution 1-Must Swear Less
Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

(Incidentally, this has been the same resolution I have been making since I was 14, ok maybe 12.  Good to know nothing has changed (or indeed resolved) in over 10 years).

It has recently come to my conscious mind that, well, blogging is bloody hard work (2 pennies for the penny jar) and that well, I have done a pretty shoddy job of it.

I have, on my person, no less than 25 drafts.  Some in more complete forms than others, but the actual effort of transferring them so the world can see requires multiple considerations (mainly that of my self esteem).

So my New Year’s Resolution is this:

I hereby pledge to blog for you at least weekly.  

So here goes…

Given that my trek is now less than 12 weeks away (oh holy moly), it really is time to up my game.  Plus realistically, this means you need 2 blogs a week (do you really have time to read 2 blogs a week?!).  Anyway, I guess we’ll start with weekly and go from there.  After all, I have all that hardcore training to do.

Aside from the blips and odd burst of energy I have had thus far (blogs on these pending) I have taken the liberty of printing out The Adventure Company’s recommended training regime which I first read about 6 months ago and then promptly forgot.  Voici un sommaire…


Step 1- Work out 60-70% of your maximum heart rate

They even provided a nifty calculation: Subtract your age from 220…I’ll let you work it out then…

Step 2-Determine your V02 Max

This is the maximum ability your cardiovascular system can take in oxygen.  Apparently all the fancy machines at the gym have a setting which can tell you this, but thankfully Adventure Tours knows I still haven’t joined the gym and reassures me that using Step 1 will suffice.  Phew!

Step 3-Training Programme for Trekking

Frequency: Start at 3x a week building to 5x a week over a month to six weeks.  Add in another weekly session every week or fortnight.

Intensity: Basically, aim to sustain your heart rate of 60-70% for about 30-50 minutes by increasing the duration of exercise by about 10% a week.  I think this roughly translates into, ‘Keep your heart rate up for a long time’ basically.

Suggested Aerobic Activities:

Running-Indoors at a gym or outdoors wherever you fancy really!  This is probably my (new found) personal favourite way of training.

Stair Climbing-Recommendation is to try 5 minutes and build up using the 10% rule.  Indoors at the gym or outdoors wherever…I’d probably pick your staircase carefully though, people might think you’re a loony if you keep climbing up and down your local departure store stairwell.

Rowing Machine-10 minutes of rowing between 5-7 resistance and record the distance, beating your previous distances by the 3rd attempt.  Or paddle in a river, apparently.

Walking-4-6 hour walks prior to departure.  Actually, I have managed a few of these and hopefully will manage one or two more before I go.  It’s just a shame I work silly hours and weekends.  The alternative is to just get out and walk yourself.  No excuses missy!

Courtesy of Google Images

How I Think I Look…
Courtesy of Google Images

Suggested Anaerobic Activites

(This I have done virtually zero training in so far, and am excited to come out with a rippling 6-pack by the end of it!!  Here goes nothing…)

Strength training– The use of resilience forces to increase the stamina of one’s muscles.


1)   Do everything SLOWLY.

2)   CONTROL your breathing (Translation-become a yoga monster).  Breathe in for contraction and out for relaxation.

Frequency-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions in each set, and REST for 30 seconds (that’s my favourite bit, the bit where you rest).  Then do the whole increase by 10% thing…

Squats-Leaning against a wall with feet about 30-50cm from the wall, slowly lower yourself until your legs are bending about 90 degrees, AND HOLD (don’t forget to BREATHE!).  Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart and your toes are pointing forwards (seems obvious doesn’t it?).

Hamstrings-LUNGES.  We are know what these are but essentially the top tip is keeping your upper half straight, and bending your knee to the good old 90 degree position again.  AND STRETCH.  You should be able to feel it, if you can’t you’re probably being a woose.

Calves-(I like this one, you can do it whilst reading a book, eating ice cream or ahem I mean carrots).  Stand on any step with the balls of your feet leaving 2/3rd over-hanging the step.  Then raise yourself as high as you can using both feet.  HOLD.  And lower.  And continue eating…

Courtesy of Google Images

How I REALLY Look.
Courtesy of Google Images

Dorsal Raises-  Something FOR YOUR BACK.  Lie on the floor, face down and raise your shoulders 6 inches off the ground.  Then lower.  Your feet must stay on the ground.  To increase the intensity of this (yeah right, like you needed to increase the intensity!), bring your hands forward and level with your shoulders.

Back in the old days, when I was very young and yay high <gestures to invisible self> I used to do Gymnastics.  This move, we called ‘The Dish’.  But we were allowed to lift our feet, time’s have obviously changed.


Lower back-Lie on the floor on your back, put one hand under the natural arch of your back and lift your legs to 90 degrees from the floor.  And HOLD.  Lower and start again.

Upper back-Lie on the floor on your back and raise your thighs off the ground so that they are at a right angle and your shins are parallel to the ground.  Slowly lift your shoulders (not head) to your knees and return to the just off the ground.  And REPEAT.

Side slides-Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart and lower one side of your body running your hands down your side.  Now do the other.

Stretching-Don’t forget to warm up and warm down after any exercise session, or you’ll soon regret it!

And there we go ladies and gentlemen, don’t say I didn’t warn you!!


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