On Love, and Shopping.

But mainly shopping.

One of the most important things about training is to be opportunistic.  For example, bored in a queue?  Do those handy calve exercises.  Need to nip out for milk?  Why not jog there and walk back (sloshing around milk is no fun for anyone, especially the 2 litre cartons).  So I propose to you:

‘Training whilst shopping’

This kind of marathon is one known to women world over.  In fact, I can practically guarantee cave women used to do it too, but like, you know, barter style.

Here’s how it works:

-Dedicate 2 hours to your shopping marathon.

-Compile a list (mental or paper).

-Wear sensible shoes (you don’t necessarily need your high class Purple Scarpa boots, but please, no heels).

And if you’re really smart (like me), your ‘Training whilst shopping’ trip will turn into a ‘Shopping for Training’ trip also.  Two birds and all that.

Then put your feet up, sink into the latest song you can’t stop humming and admire your purchases.

Here’s a list from my latest adventure (complete with celebratory song of choice):


Finally!  After months and months and months of searching far and wide, I have finally, FINALLY found a bag that fits my tinyindiangirl frame.

Special thanks to Michael, Andrew and Davy from Cotswold Belfast for all your tips and advice!

Lowe Alpine 60 Litre TFX Kibo ND65 Rucksack.  Sea blue, £90.

The best part of this bad boy is that it has an adjustable back.  This one just happened to fit my back the best.  I would definitely recommend going into a store and trying as many bags as possible until you find one that fits like Cinderella’s glass slipper (or you know, almost).

Here, have a picture.  It rocks:

THE WATERPROOF (for local training)

Women’s Amp Triclimate Jacket.  £240 reduced to £160.  Bargain.  (My existing ‘waterproofs’ were put spectacularly to the test after a 4 day stint in the Lake District.  That place is beautiful for a reason, it likes to rain.  A lot).


x 2 Mountain Hardwear Fleeces, 50% off, only £25 each.

x 2 Women’s Horizon Valley Convertible Trousers (Extra Small, Short Leg, Zips from trousers to shorts). £49.50 each.

Helly Hansen Women’s Merino Twin pack (Base Layers), £100 reduced to £75.

Various assortments of boot cleaning and waterproofing products.

Head torch-Tikka 2 Plus. £36.  Top tip-buy Lithium batteries for longer duration of use.

But, we’re only just getting started.

Things still to get include gloves (I need to find out how cold it gets), hat and scarf, probably more socks (let’s face it, you can never have too many socks), silly things like (cringe) foot powder, Compede, spare batteries, a CAMERA (!) and not to mention a smaller rucksack that will act as a day pack.  Rather annoyingly, I purchased one already which does not have a hip buckle, just a chest buckle which I have since learned will lead to back pain.  Oh well, no pain no gain.

The other thing I mustn’t forget is to see whether my Duke of Edinburgh sleeping bag will suffice (i.e. did I buy a super duper one 8 years ago and will it still be in a fit state for use up Everest?).  I have no idea how I’ll even find out the answer to this but hey here’s to trying.

I kind of have my eye on this bad boy also…

Not too long ago I was stranded in Dublin airport and, as you do, got talking to a fellow strandee.  It turned out she had already trekked to Everest Base Camp and supplied me with a phenomenal list and some very handy tips, one of which was to rent a Down Jacket once out in Nepal.  Now, I don’t know about you, but haggling in a Nepalese market on my own without knowing the language might sound like an adventure in it’s own right, but something tells me it may well add to my stress levels somewhat.  Mind you, all these little things are starting to add up!  Half price might sway me however…£150 reduced to £75…one to sleep on me thinks.

Phew!  What an exhausting marathon!  Time to enjoy one of these I think…

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

PS-The Lumineers album is pretty awesome too.



  1. Rebecca

    All you need to know is “mahango-cha” (spelling prob not correct) means too expensive in Nepalese! Can’t remember anything else, but go with that and some effective pointing and you’ll get a good jacket!! Hope all the prep is going well! xxx

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