The last leg of Lukla

”Tuesday 9th April ~0930

So being the last day we had a little party.”

In Lukla.

The last few steps to Lukla, the group created an assembly line of high fives.  One porter (not from our group) happened to be trekking near us and received a few high fives himself.  We did get a group photo at the ‘finish line’ but sadly not on my camera.  When I track it down, I’ll upload it.

We had the privilege of staying at Lukla that evening, in what felt to be the most glamorous tea house of all.

Pemba and myself

Pemba and myself

That evening, we had a little party with Pemba leading the musical celebrations.  We had our own renditions of ‘Resham piriri’ translating the lyrics into:

‘Resham firiri, resham firiri

Sometimes trekking, sometimes rafting

Resham firiri

Resham firiri, resham firiri

I am a donkey, you are a monkey

Resham firiri’

Pemba and the other guides leading the musical festivities

Pemba and the other guides leading the musical festivities

Interestingly, I later went to Rishikesh and happened upon another Nepalese guide during my white water rafting stint on the Ganges.  Vijay used to work for Himalayan Encounters in Nepal and was pals with Chitra, our guide.  We enjoyed our own private talk of the mountains and sang our own verses of ‘Resham firiri’.  What a magical moment.  What amazing people.

”Tonight is A+P’s 33rd wedding anniversary – Amethyst.  We’ve planned a few nice bits and pieces for them and I really want to get some Nepali clothes so I can look like a girl again.  Looking forward to it – better go get ready.”

The actual song, ‘Christopher Butler’ whoever you are, thank you for this wonderfully authentic clip.


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