Game Changer

One year today, I started the most amazing adventure of my life.  Don’t get me wrong, the whole year was incredible, but something about this trip set in motion the wheels of change-in a good way.

One year ago, I took a mad notion, followed an ad on Facebook and booked a trip.  A trip so many people had actually already done, already conquered if you will, not really that hard.  But to me it was so much more.

It goes without saying (though will be said) that I met some of the most incredible and interesting people.  People who, now, have become known to me as my Nepali family and some of my closest friends.  And why?  Because they too have that mad streak in them, and I love it!  They make me realise that anything is possible, you just have to set your mind to it.  And like all families, they have helped and guided me in more ways than they probably even know or realise.  For that, THANK YOU.

One year ago, I made a promise to myself.  A promise I recently quoted to a travel agent who could’t understand why I was being so awkward.  I’m not being awkward I promise!  I just have responsibilities and consequences now, but I’m still here to fulfil my promise-Keep travelling, don’t ever stop.  No matter how hard it seems, just do it.  And I have, and for that I am so proud of myself!

Post Everest, my travels took me to India.


The most amazing place I know on this earth.  A love-hate relationship.  A drug I can’t get enough of.  A drug I need to stop.  A drug I get withdrawals from.  A drug I can’t live without.

This year, I feel it’s finally time to share those adventures.  Relive it and take myself back to that magical place and draw you in with me.  Tell you about the people I met, the places I encountered and the whispers in the night.  I’m excited for you, really I am.

And as the icing on the cake, I’ve booked the next one-South America.  Peru.

I wish I had months to go around and do it the way I did India, I don’t.  So for that, forgive me.  All I can say is, one day I know I will so consider this an introduction if you will.  A taste, a flavour.

But for now-Happy Anniversary to my Nepali family.

Let the adventures continue!

The group at Ama Dablam Base Camp

The group at Ama Dablam Base Camp



  1. oceanpanda

    A love-hate relationship, how apt! 🙂 (this coming from an Indian) I dream of a trip like that, hopefully one day I will realise it too.

  2. Hopefully you will! I definitely recommend it!

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