Lima, Smile

‘3rd October 2014

We are about 3 hours into the flight.  9 1/2 hours to go…

…So I have finally got round to reading the itinerary properly.  I actually think the Lares Trek is going to be tougher than the Inca Trail.

It goes higher and we’re doing it in 3 days instead of 4.  I knew I was nervous for a reason.  I don’t know if that means a day extra or a day less for acclimatisation but it looks like we get to stay in 2 different villages, one pre-trek and one post-trek.

Day 1 is a stay and explore Cusco day.  The trek doesn’t start until Day 3.

I actually hope I have enough clothes!  I only seem to have about 4 tops and 2 or 3 trousers.  But I figured it was just easier to travel light you know?

I’m also raged because they took my sunscreen off me at Amsterdam because it was over 100 mls.  So annoying as I bought it at the airport you know?  So, might have to scrounge for some sunscreen.  I also forgot my wonderful yak wool scarf.  I’m actually so sad about it!  I absolutely love that thing, but hopefully I can get something similar from Peru itself.

I don’t really know what to expect to be perfectly honest with you.  All I know of it is what I’ve seen in pictures, and I’m sure that means next to nothing.’


‘In 30 minutes, we arrive.  I am overwhelmingly exhausted.  The toilets smell like poo.  I am not surprised – 12 1/2 hours is a very long time.

I kind of want to explore a bit today, but not alone you know?  Hopefully, my airport transfer will have arrived and be easy to find, and hopefully the hotel will be helpful.’

‘3rd October 2014 – still. 2135

I’m about to crash out, but before I do.  I am here!  At Puccllana Lodge which is clean and cosy though a tad noisy and a tad cold.

Peru has put the smile back on my face. 

My taxi driver Alexander providing me with muchos entertainment on the way to the hotel.  Him with his shit English and me with my shit Spanish.  I didn’t even bring a phrase book though I am asking for as much vocabulary as I possibly can.

Sleep time.  Cusco tomorrow.  Excited actually.  Now I am fully excited.  It’s finally time to meet the group.

Oh yes and no dinner tonight…I’ll stock up on breakfast tomorrow and maybe even manage a wee walk just to take in the surroundings.  I’m in an area called Miraflores which is supposed to be pretty cool.’

And then I zonked out.


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