I was beginning to feel a bit restless, and returning to my Reader found some solace in a post.  ‘Estas sola?’ she wrote. ‘Si, estoy solita’. (‘Are you on your own?’ ‘Yes, I am on my own’).  She too was plagued by this question everywhere she went.

It brought me straight back, straight back to where I wanted to be.  In my mind at least.

The last few days I have been restless.  I always like to have something planned, somewhere to look forward to, to get me through ‘regular life’.  At the minute, I have no leave and no money.  This makes for a difficult combination.

There are however, a few places on my mind.  A few adventures up my sleeve.  I guess I’m still talking myself into it.

This week was Guy Fawke’s night.  It is not something that is celebrated much in Northern Ireland (cue obvious sectarian ammunition), so I’ve only really discovered it since moving to Scotland.  Either way, I enjoyed a little private display from my living room at the local…well, I don’t really know.  The fireworks were beautiful though, mesmerising though I cannot understand why.  How can explosions like that be so magical?  I love how the crowds roar their appreciation.  In my head, I hear music.  But then, what else is new?

‘Saturday 4th October 1315

I am at Lima Airport.  At a McDonald’s to be more specific.

Check-in was a bit of a hilarious experience.  I stood in the queue for 30 minutes trying to follow other people’s conversations.  One family was having real issues.  From the lady’s gesticulating it seemed to be some kind of knock on effect.

Interestingly, I ended up ear wigging on two Indian men chatting in Hindi and English.  One of them shows his pal some sort of pictogram on his phone titled ‘Happiness’ and then proceeds to tell the other that the girl who sent it once wanted to marry him.  Casually, just like that.  As if that was even relevant to the story.  He proceeds to relate the whole story, that it was when he was finishing up medical school, that her mother was really keen, that she comes from a good family.  And that in the end he told her he’d think about it, but ultimately said no.

‘Of course I said sorry if I led you on’…he follows with, ‘you always have to say that really’…

Alfonso- the guy I got at my check-in, was the cutest wee thing ever.  Turns out there’s been some issues with the Cusco flight so I’d been moved to a later flight (so much for time to explore by the way) but he then went and got me a food voucher and then disappeared again.  ‘I explain’ he says on return.  ‘I try arrange compensation’.  Class!  I didn’t even kick up a fuss or anything.

So that’s why I’m here, at McDonald’s enjoying my free McPollo and Sprite.  I took a little dander around the shops and bought a Spanish phrasebook but also a Quechua phrasebook, just you know to try and say something!

One other wee comment before I head to security.  Though efficiency may not quite be their thing, I find Peruvians to be really lovely people and generally very cute and endearing.  Oh yes, and I’m looking forward to eating lots of cocoa – sampled some chocolate too.  Not a bad haul for a delayed flight eh?’

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