Reminiscing by Hot Springs

Views from the bus


‘Monday 6th October 2014 9.40am

What a random morning.  After waking at 5am we have literally spent about 3 hours in a bus.  We are now at the hot springs.

I have to say, I find this very similar to the Kathmandu days, just get on with it!  Surely an extra day hiking is better than lying around at the hot springs not even doing anything?  I guess I’m just nervous about our 1,000m ascent tomorrow.

This morning was quite beautiful though.  That early morning air.  A cool gentle breeze and nature’s alarm clock – cock-a-doodle-doo!  It brought me back to my grandparents house in India.  Remote, rural, untouched.

Views from the bus

Views from the bus

Views from the bus

I am missing India a lot on this trip.  Everything reminds me of something, does that make sense?  I miss my Nepal family.  I miss my boys.  I miss the banter, the teahouses, the landscape, everything.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no means regretting being here, I just, I guess I left a piece of me behind.  Or maybe it’s because it’s not the first time?

I kind of understand now what everyone meant when they said it was really unusual to meet again and stay in touch.  Well, whatever the cause or reason, I’m glad that we have.  I can’t really imagine not knowing them now.

One of the guys on the Inca Trail side is also keeping a blog – except it’s on tumblr.  Interesting to read other people’s perspectives isn’t it?

Did I tell you our guide has a son?

Oh going now.’

Here are some photos from the hot springs:

The group, chilling by the hot springs

The group, chilling by the hot springs

A peaceful repose

A peaceful repose

Sulphur from the hot springs!

Sulphur from the hot springs!

Some locals

Some locals

The story of the guide and his son is quite interesting.  But maybe, for another day.


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