Pre trip excitement!

Bloody hell, this is the best kind of procrastination I know!

I finally have a day ‘off’.  I say ‘off’ because actually I have exactly half an hour before my friend arrives back from her interview to continue operation third guest in 2 1/2 weeks.  Anyway, it’s all part of the fun of life eh?

But I digress, my mission for today and tomorrow – acquire Vietnamese and Cambodian visas.

So far, I have achieved neither.

Here is the link on Vietnamese visas:

Vietnam visa

This is an ONLINE form which then needs printed and taken to the post office (if you don’t live in London where the embassy is).  You will need to fill in an address for Vietnam (so book your first night!)  And you will need a passport photo (ears on show, not smiling).

You can get 30 day or 90 day visas. It takes 5 working days.  Your passport must be valid for 1 month after your visa expires.

Post office things: Provide a self addressed envelope (not stamped) and £8 handling fee with passport.  Pay by cheque (payable to EMBASSY OF VIETNAM) and write your name, telephone number and date of birth on the back) or postal order.

Post your applications to: Vietnam Embassy, 12 Victoria Road, London, W8 5RD

Note: To get fees you have to EMAIL THEM.  £54 for single entry, single passport.  This can be included in your post office handling fees cheque above.

And here is the link on Cambodian visas:

Cambodia visa

This one, you can get on arrival.  You need two passport photos.  30 dollars for one month and you need 6 months validity on your passport from time of arrival.

The other thing they are picky about is Yellow Fever Vaccination if you’re arriving from a country which has it.  List here: Yellow Fever Countries

You can now also get eVisas from their website.  This is the link from their government page: eVisa.  You’ll have to upload your photo, requirements of which can be seen here: eVisa photo

So really I can’t do anything until I get these pesky passport photos.  I, at the present moment in the time, look like a troll who hasn’t seen light or day in 10 years.  These photos are going to be fab, I can tell.



  1. Beautiful photo! Love those lights 🙂

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