The best coca tea you will ever drink

‘Wednesday 8th October 2014, 6.55pm Aguas Calientes

This place is really cool.  I want to go exploring all the little streets and markets.  But it’s pissing with rain just now.

We are re-grouping at 7.30pm to discuss what we’re doing tomorrow.  It would be nice to go as early as possible to Machu Picchu.  I actually wouldn’t mind waking early to see it. 

I feel a bit bad for those on the Inca Trail as the weather is horrendous but at the same time, there’s a definite part of me that wants to come back and do it properly – when it’s not the rainy season.  Thank god I came now and not in November by the way.

I need to finish off my tale…  

So I fell asleep – dead to the world.  At some point, time unknown, I heard a loud neighing to the left of the tent and hooves moving to the right.  Were they going to walk into the bloody tent?!  There was a flash of lightning and shortly after a loud rumble.  Close enough.  And sure enough within seconds the heavens opened.

I was vaguely aware of rain covers being put on our tents and at some point K got up to pee, but I soon relaxed into the pitter patter of rain on the roof and hoped and prayed that the tent wouldn’t leak, that my bag would be ok and my jacket not trailing on the ground.  I decided to deal with it all later and let tiger balm and altitude weariness take me to the land of nod.

And this morning, well you kind of know the rest.’

Morning views

Morning views

And there ends the tale of the ascent.  Thank goodness.

That morning, I woke with the dew drops.  The world was right again.  My head had that groggy soaked like a sponge feel to it.  Coca tea?  Someone asked.  Yes please.  How do I describe the taste to you?  Just the right amount of zing.  Like coffee in the morning.  But more tangy than bitter.  Genuinely like chewing on grass.  That strange smell to it.  Just the right amount of weirdness, the right side of the gag reflex.  Just.  And sip by sip, it squeezed out my spongy brain.  Bright, alert, awake.  Ready for our descent.

Here we go.


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