Second leg 

All righty then!  Let the second leg commence!

Leeds was great actually.  My parents house lovely, full of all our old stuff.  A new beginning full of old memories.  And actually, great to spend time with them before heading away.

‘Who are you going with?’ Dad asked. L, I replied.  ‘And how do you know her?’  Dad, I lived with her for 2 years…she’s been to our house before… ‘Oh right.’

Honestly, sometimes I really do wonder!

Leeds is a great city actually, full of life and character.  A bit of the old and a bit of the new.  It’s big, for me, having lived in Belfast, Edinburgh and Glasgow.  But friendly enough (let’s face it, nobody beats the Irish on that).  I look forward to getting to know it better.

The train station is huge!  And hustling and bustling as only rush hour can do. I contemplate getting myself a coffee and then change my mind looking at the commuter queues.  I’ll survive.

The taxi drivers here don’t talk.  I find myself missing my Glaswegian driver’s constant patter of her friend’s daughter and possible bilingual associated speech delay.  I had a finer version of that myself, although I more than make up for it now 🙂

I ask him how to pronounce various English-isms.  He probably thinks I’m mad.  If he does, he doesn’t ask.  Weird.

There is a statue in the town square, some man on a horse.  ‘Who’s that guy?’  ‘Have you heard of Braveheart?’ Have I ever- ‘yes’.  ‘Well that’s the king from it, him and his army rested here on their way up’.  Oh right ok, cool.  

I am reminded of perspective and perception.  It’s all about how we wish for it to be seen.  Fairly sure Scotland would not have a statue of King Edward…

I smile to myself.  History staring me in the face without me even realising.

‘Thatll be £8.50’ he says as he stops on a street.  ‘Great.  And where is the station?’ I hesitate to enquire.  Surely this should be more obvious?!

More later.



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