Southern China Airlines

Despite having 4 hours somehow everything is always a mad rush for me.  What’s with that?

Amsterdam airport is easy.  I didn’t even have to change generic gates.  Arrived in D, leaving in D.  Easy.

The most annoying thing is having to go through ‘security’ at your designated gate.

I found a ‘seating area’, curled up into a ball and sleep uncomfortably on plastic seats with my head on my bag, my scarf over my eyes and my phone with headphones firmly in my hand.  At least when my alarm goes off I’ll not wake the world with Rhianna’s ‘Monster’ playing loudly (yes, that is my wake up tune).

It works, of sorts.  Actually I slumber quite well though wake pre-alarm, snoozing until it officially goes off.

And then I’m hungry.  What to eat?  What time do we board?  Why doesn’t the display speak to me?

I grab a quick Starbucks coffee and sandwich, easier than navigating the many other queues.  And my hunch is right, boarding commenced just as I join the gate.  I down my mocha (peppermint, no whip) and try to gracefully remove my laptop from my bag.  

The lady checking my boarding pass asks me where my final destination is. ‘Siem Reap’ I reply.  She then flicks through my passport looking for a visa.  ‘Oh you get it on arrival’.  Does that stop her?  No, that would involve admitting she didn’t know.  Sigh.

I tidy up my bag post ‘security’ and make my way to my seat.  Middle seat again.  It’s gonna be a long 11 hours.  And I didn’t even get to eat my sandwich.

I’ve never travelled China Southern Airlines before.  I’m a bit of an Emirates snob.  But I like the tinkling Chinese music in the background.  It reminds me of where I’m going- the Far East.  Yes, Emirates has been done.  It’s ok to try something new.

Here’s hoping there will be no mid air disasters.  I’m nervous to say the least.  With no L arriving with me into Cambodia I realised I’ll be effectively alone for the first day.  Do I explore on my own?  Do I scope out the territory? Hmm, I guess I’ll just have to play that one by ear.

Thank goodness I took down the hostel address.  I don’t have any booking details at all.  None,  Fingers crossed it’ll all be grand in the end.

Signing out.



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