Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh City

I cannot possibly summarise the last two days in one post, but in a nutshell…

L finally arrived on Sunday, just as the sun went down.  As we arrived back into Siem Reap it transpired the power had cut.  Poor L couldn’t get a shower or anything and we spent that night sweltering in the heat.

That evening we explored the Night Market and got ourselves a local wardrobe.  I had my first massage (I love massages) and fell asleep intermittently worrying about drooling or snoring.  Who cares, my feet feel great.  I bought the most amazing trousers which also turn into a dress and then we proceeded to dinner.

Totally spoilt for choice, we enjoyed an evening of 2 years worth of catch up to good food, good tunes and good company.

An early evening later of tossing and turning to mosquito buzzing we made it to 5am, where we proceeded to make our way to Angkor Wat.  I’ll write about that properly later, but essentially we watched the sunrise and spent the whole day walking or eating in the blinding heat.  By mid afternoon I was baked, tired and ready for my bed!

The temples of course were spectacular, and I was grateful for our early rise to make the most of the quietest part of the day.  We were privy to some spectacular colours of light with a red sun just hanging in the sky, taunting us.  It felt very Lord of the Rings-esque with trees growing through the ruins.  You cannot escape the feeling of being amongst something quite ancient.

That afternoon, I slept.  Slept and slept and slept and poor L occupied herself (reading she tells me).  We then made our way back to the Night market and filled our already exploding tummies with more lemongrass and ginger infused dishes.

Today, we make our way to Ho Chi Min City.  

I love how life is a distant place away.  I love how it feels like we have been away for weeks.  I love this feeling completely.

More when I can!



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