Road trip

‘Yesterday, I went for a massive drive.  It was a beautiful evening, and I just couldn’t go home and sit there and pretend to study.

So I went.

I was in that kind of mood where I couldn’t even listen to music.  Even music couldn’t calm me.  But the great outdoors, she did.

I wish my eyes could take photos.  My mind took me to ‘I’.

We wound our way (our way? my way) through the windy B roads and all of a sudden the wilderness was upon me.  The great, vast nothingness.  Just me, my Toyota Corolla and the world.

It was perfect.

It was so perfect.

I kept going, down the straightest road I have ever seen.  A quotation waiting to be made. We know not where the road goes.  Just go and see where it leads.

As I drove I happened upon the Bunkhouse.  It was beautiful.  A sharp white contrast with habitation evident.  Idyllic.  Peaceful.  I wanted to take a picture and send it to the rest of the group [Everest group – as this is where we’ll be having our reunion this year], but a part of me also wanted to keep going.  So I did.

The road wound again, and out of the corner of my eye, navigating through the twists and turns, I catch the sight of antlers shifting away from the road.

As I pass I think to myself, ‘thank goodness he went that way and didn’t decide to bolt onto the road’.

I hadn’t even told anyone where I was going.

I realise now sitting here what it evoked in me – it reminded me of home.

At one twist on the right side was a gated house, sat a top of an elevated mound.  The house not visible, but the suggestion of it intact.  A flashback of Mussoorie and its curves and graces.

DSC00958 DSC00909

The calmness of the place, its simplicity, it sits with me.  I breathe it in and hold onto it.

Please do not leave me, I need you.’



  1. lifeamongtheflowers

    Beautiful photos!!

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