As the tide rolls in on the Moray Firth

You have every right to be jealous of me today, for I am in Inverness and I do not know why it has taken me 10 years to get here!

I confess I am sporting a (all too common these days) headache and have therefore retired to my beautiful BnB room with views of the Moray Firth as the sun sets itself.  Today is different to yesterday, as every day has been before I am sure.  The tide is out just now, but when in comes right up to the stone wall.  One thing is for sure, in or out, that gentle rush of water never gets tiresome.

Day 1

Day 1

Day 2

Day 2

I begin as I always do, marvelling at how human beings are all the same.  Their stories a repeat of each other.  I think of what I can learn.

I met a fella on my travels who told me his life story.  A marriage, a divorce, sold his house, lost his job, started a new one, a new life in fact, was running a side business web company and trying to maintain a facade of ‘a normal life’.  I am beginning to think such a thing perhaps does not exist.  What is normal anyway?  I won’t tell you the details for I feel it’s a bit private, but I was touched by the openness in which he shared his story.

He guessed my profession, correctly it turned out.  Apparently nosiness comes with the job.


I like these random encounters with people.  It is part of the beauty of travelling alone.  It is part of the beauty of travelling at all.

I’ve really only scratched the surface here.  I will write about it properly another day.  But today I went in search of dolphins at Spey Bay and felt very much like a 4 year old on a nature visit.  I stood inside the ribs of a whale, and I was still too little and discovered a rainbow waxing and waning.  Maybe next time I can find some dolphins as well.


Oh and the music?  A beautiful piece I heard at a wedding recently which I have totally fallen in love with, and this little girl sings like such a grown up I just had to show you.  Enjoy.


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