Everything but the kitchen sink!

Eeek! First trip of the year. It’s a baby one but it’s no less exciting.  BELFAST!

I am far too hyper for having had only 2 hours sleep (too excited).  Definitely as bad as Xmas day (perhaps worse, no presents after all).

I think my taxi driver thought I was mad.

I have rather proudly managed to pack only a hand bag.  Like, a literal fits-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink hand bag.  ‘Travelling light are we?’  Yup!  Just two books, a diary and some yoga stuff.  (What?!  Flow yoga in Belfast is really good!).  No laptop, no work!  Good rule.

Since my parents have moved to Leeds I frequent airports less often (boo).  Walking through the doors today I had that usual thrill of excitement.  (This must be unnatural…).  Something amazing is about to happen!  I can just feel it.

I have applied for some things I will hopefully be able to tell you about soon, but for now my brother and I have booked…ICELAND!!  A little post exam/21st birthday present for him, a little I don’t really need an excuse to travel trip for me 🙂

So for now, I enjoy my airport routine.  I giggle at the 3 year old who found a pay phone with an actual phone to pick up and numbers to dial.  He reaches for the one out of his reach, and ignores the one for kids (why do children insist on doing this?!) and manages to recruit his dad to have a make believe conversation with him.  It was so cute!  ‘All right Ben, let’s have a chat…’

I feel sorry for the kid who gets stuck at the automatic barriers to security, his bar code just would not scan.  His parents just would not stop yelling at him.  It’s not his fault!

I marvel at how unbelievably cheerful the Starbucks staff are.  Do they never sleep?  How can they always be that happy?

I plan the hundred million things I want to do when I get home.  Hmmm perhaps 2 days may not quite cut it…

See you soon my beautiful Emerald Isle!! 


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