‘See you in Iceland!’

A bittersweet comment as my brother left today.

See you in Iceland indeed.

Saying goodbye is always rubbish.

You may have gathered by now that my brother and I are going to Iceland at the end of the month.  We are so excited!

Sadly, we can’t go for very long.  My trip will be 4 days, his will be 3.  We are restricted by exams, classes, night shift, day shift, lack of leave, living far from each other and flight times to Iceland being at very odd times.  BUT, we are doing it nonetheless.  For as you know by now, my motto is: Better to go than not at all.

Besides, one must always have a reason to come back.

SO, here’s what’s on our list for this baby trip:

  1. Get to know Reykjavik
  2. Attempt to see the Northern Lights
  3. Blue Lagoon (we’ve been told we cannot miss this)
  4. Glacier walk

The more I read, the most I add to the list, but thankfully my brother is a more practical man.  Whale watching was banded about.  Waterfalls and 4x4s and snowmobiles looked at.  Various geysers, natural walks and the Golden Circle considered.  Not to mention the volcano that caused so much travel disruption several years ago (mum was ‘stranded’ in India).  We just can’t do it all.

I have found this for some tips on keeping to a budget.

And like the look of the City Walk Tour here.

Cool eh?  Love the idea of this.  I’ll probably do this on my ‘own day’ before N gets in.

Our hostel looks great, check it: Loft Hostel.  And I love the idea of just chilling and meeting randoms or sitting and being nosy.  Sometimes they even have music nights too.

As a birthday treat I bought N his first pair of walking boots.  Do you like?

Don’t worry, it comes with black laces!

It felt like an initiation.

We also purchased ice grips for our Glacier walk!  (Though I think they lend us crampons when we get there).  And made friends with our (now new local) Cotswold boys in Leeds.

Incidentally, did you know that Yorkshire is known as God’s own County?  We laughed at this as Kerala is known as God’s own Country.  Weird right?!

I’ll read on a little more and see what we can manage to cram in.

In the meantime, any tips or advice are very much welcome!




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