First snow

January 16th, and we’ve finally had our first snow.

Mostly we should all rejoice that winter is here and global warming hasn’t completely taken over.  Except I can’t help curl up inside at the thought of having to go out there, clear my car and drive to night shift.  Rubbish.

To counter the dreariness of this, let me tell you how the only thing keeping me from today and Iceland are 5 night shifts.  So really, this is good practice is it not?

As a New Year’s Resolution, a friend and I decided we were going to do some sort of activity together.  Having sent each other various links of various deals we finally settled on the cheapest and least likely to appease either of us:  Scottish Military Fitness.

This involved getting up at 7am on a Saturday morning (a Saturday morning where one is supposed to have been in bed preparing for night shift, aka sleeping as long as one likes), de-icing the car at ten past 8 and hurtling my way to Kelvingrove Park.  No money for the parking machine, I abandoned my car praying the parking attendants hated ice as much as I did.

Turns out there are two lots of folk that enjoy exercise on a cold icy morning.  The Scottish Military Fitness guys and the BRITISH Military Fitness guys.  Thank god we chose our team.  A fab bunch of people of all shapes and sizes who thoroughly encouraged and motivated us as we did squats, sprints, jumping jacks, star jumps, push ups and sit ups on the grassy verge.

I always marvelled at these magical motivated and majestic folk who not only had the motivation to get out of bed in the morning but to run around in freezing cold Scotland doing nothing less than exercise on a day when one could be lazing in bed.

It was bloody brilliant.

I kind of can’t wait to go back.

Sadly I came home, went back to bed as pre-nights prep and woke to the quiet flurry of the first snow.

Heart.  Sink.

And as I wake I realise I have no clean scrubs for tonight, no clean socks from tomorrow and no food to cook with to prep for 5 straight night shifts.

Oh well.

Two great things happened today.

  1. Iceland Tours are officially booked
  2. I’ve just put down a deposit to return to Nepal in October

But, one thing at a time.

I’m going back to bed, goodnight.



  1. Getting out of bed in the wintry mornings can be such a pain !!

  2. I’m firmly in the BMF camp! 🙂 Looking forward to getting back to it in August! 🙂

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