La Dolce Far Niente

‘The Art of Doing Nothing…’

A lovely term coined (and possibly even invented) by the Italians.  Is there ever more pleasure than this?

Sunset at Sunset Pizzeria – Marina di Pisa, Italy

I have to say, in recent weeks I have been to Norway and Italy, and soon to be India and then Nepal.  I’ve been bridesmaid at an Indian/Irish wedding, with multiple ceremonies and costume changes galore.  It’s wedding season and hence hen do season and actually I’m finding myself rather broke.  But in a totally who-gives-a-damn-I’m-gonna-spend-all-this-money-á-la-Vegas-cos-it’s-fun kind of way.

Oslo Opera House, Norway

This year I turn 30, and I want it to be an extra special year, just for that.  And why not?  I’ll keep that trick up my sleeve just now.

But instead I’ll give you a recent book I’ve finally managed to complete.  One of those ones that makes you want to roll up your sleeves and start right from the beginning, reading every word extra carefully just so it can sink into you that little bit more.

‘The Inheritance of Loss’ by Kiren Desai is written by my second favourite author.  She also wrote the charming, witty and hilarious Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard.  I won’t ruin the story, but I will tell you this.  If you’ve ever been a part of any sort of immigrant movement, it will resonate within you.

I’ll leave you with promises of pictures and tales of Norway and Italy, but for now, a little snippet from the book.  Look away now if you’re against spoilers.

…and Biju had, in his innocence, done just what his father had, in his own innocence, told him to do.  What could his father have known?  This way of leaving your family for work had condemned them over several generations to have their hearts always in other places, their minds thinking about people elsewhere; they could never be in a single existence at one time…’

La Dolce Far Niente…don’t work too hard my friends.  It won’t get you anywhere.



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