Paramedics ROCK!

Less than two weeks to go!!  And the excitement is definitely mounting.

This weekend was immensely cool.  Not least the speedboat experience on Loch Lomond (see title picture) but also a little pre-hospital top up with the Scottish Ambulance Service!

I did not know until I randomly started chatting to one of my paramedic colleagues at work – apparently we are allowed to go out with the Paramedics in their very cool ambulances and get pre-hospital exposure with them.  PERFECT!

This deal was actually made way back in May, pre exams, pre results, pre everything.  But this weekend I finally managed to get some time with my awesome Paramedic colleagues who really were excellent at honing the acute mind set.  These guys are kind of heroes by the way.

We even got to use the blue lights and everything.

Sadly, I can’t tell you what we did or I’ll be thrown in jail, but I did love one fella’s really cute advice to ‘make sure you drive only on salted streets’.  Not sure it works that way.  But very sweet nonetheless.

Though it was great, I know I’m a Paediatrician at heart.  What do grown ups even talk about?!  And actually the most awkward part for me was chatting to families on the ride to various hospital locations.  Must be so difficult being in the back of that ambulance, not knowing what’s going to happen next.

It was a brief visit, but it’s definitely helped me understand a) what happens to patients from home to hospital and b) what our paramedic colleagues get up to.  And given that the remainder of my team in Nepal will be made up of Paramedics, I think a really valuable insight into their skill set and experience.

The fun doesn’t end there though, because this weekend is my Nepal reunion.  My wonderful Nepal family from 2013, and rumour has it my boys will both be there.  3 musketeers reunited!  Providing of course, there are no flight problems (Aussie now lives in Holland and will be flying in) and the other’s misses doesn’t go into labour early (so fingers crossed on all accounts really).

And then after that, just a few days and I’ll be on a plane to Kathmandu.  OH. MY. GOD!

Rumour on the street is we have recruited a local Nepali doctor and we will now be working in 4 villages instead of 2.  I’ll be getting the update on this tomorrow night after Skyping our leader who lives in Australia.  God bless technology eh?

I haven’t even thought about the hiking part (as per usual) and am thankful for a little test run at this weekend’s Nepal reunion…

More soon no doubt!  It’s all starting to roll now!!



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