More gear…

I only have one thing to say – why does pay day money disappear so fast?!

Having rolled out the same clothes for the last 3-4 years over pretty much every trip I’ve taken, I felt it was time for a little upgrade.

Ideally I’d have gone to my lovely Belfast Cotswold store who know me and guide me, but my Glasgow one will have to do.

My weekend in the Peak District provided the perfect opportunity to try a few things out.

New Jack Wolfskin fleece – lovely green shade – reduced price – incredibly warm.  Highly recommend.

New Rab top – light weight – easy to pack – easy to dry – an easy choice.  (Pink top also purchased as back up).

New Osprey turquoise fold up into teeny tiny compact size – in love with this – even has space to store a water bottle.  New best friend.

New buffs – purple and blue – to match my grey Cotswold one.  Ideal for wearing, washing, and switching so the dust doesn’t permeate my lungs this time.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

New socks – because who doesn’t love new socks?!

New dry bag – old one very used and torn.

Chlorine tablets – ultimate strength – one tab per 1000ml.

New toiletry bag – excited to rise to the challenge of carrying minimal stuff.  Pride myself on wallowing in my own filth actually.  No room for any girly luxuries and sort of love that.

Treat – new PURPLE flask  – old one actually got nicked, sad.

One size fits all poncho – emergency stash.

One size fits all thermal blanket – emergency stash.

Tomorrow I run a wash of everything used this weekend, by Wednesday I’ll hopefully have set out everything that I need to bring.

Don’t forget my handy Kit List for your emergency ‘what should I get/bring with me on a trek?’ moments.  And handily, The Wild Medic Project have provided one that is very similar.

Things not to forget – Head torch (with spare batteries), Diary (and pens), Camera (with spare battery and charger).

Actually, regarding Camera – mine died a spectacular death in India this August.  Sadly I don’t think I’ll be bringing the all singing all dancing camera I had originally intended (the pennies just didn’t stretch far enough), so I have borrowed one from the rents.  The all singing all dancing one will be a little treat to myself later.

And that’s my list for now!

I’ll hit you with a medication list once I’ve finalised my stock.

And money – I shall be bringing a healthy mix of USD and GBP, as visa etc are accepted in USD and GBP means I don’t need to convert twice.  You can convert some at the airport (enough to get you to your hotel if you don’t have airport pick up arranged) or in Kathmandu/Thamel/at hotels for a better rate.  I also happen to have some left over from the last time – neat trick.

Over for now.




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