Reunion weekend 2016

Every year, since 2013, the original Nepal group meet up for a reunion.  This year, it was held on the last weekend in September in the Peak District and man has it put me in the mood.

My trip back to Nepal is less than a week away.  I’m purposefully being vague.  It is finally, the last ‘thing’ on my list to think about.  The only thing to aim for.

I speed read through all the emails and attachments and documents and advice that have been fired our way.  I have been trying to keep on top of these as they come in, though I will invariably be swotting up on the plane journey over.

A few exciting developments have occurred.  1) There may be a local Nepalese doctor on hand (that is, if they can be relieved from their ‘normal’ government jobs) and 2) We will be doing some basic education on female health, which excites me somewhat as it takes me back to my Saphara days.

I know my obsession with Nepal is borderline unhealthy, and yet I can’t help but follow through on it.  At least I’ll be doing some good right?

The excitement has now mingled with slight nervousness, and I am trying to figure out why.

I feel slightly more comfortable with tackling adult problems having spent some time with my paramedic colleagues, really it’s a case of triaging the same way I would a child.  And if basic problems can’t be managed, finding a way to plug them into the local services for when we are gone, or casevac-ing them if acutely unwell.

At least culturally, I know what to expect, and actually that takes some of the ‘unknown’ out of the equation.  Though thinking back to my other trips, it is this unknown that can actually creates a lot of excitement and fun on arrival.

My biggest fear or worry I suppose, is feeling incredibly sad at the changes that will inevitably have occurred since the Earthquake.  And possibly even a sense of nostalgia for my lost Nepalese family.

It is a past tense, though I can’t help but bring the essence of that trip into the every day present.  I guess, once these 2 weeks are over, there comes an obvious question – what next?

Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.


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