Under My Rock – Machu Picchu


‘Thursday 9th October 2014 ~8pm

Feels like it’s been ages since I’ve written anything.  Let me think where to start.

Yesterday we went to this really cute Peruvian/Mexican restaurant.  Salsa music in the background, wood burning stove in the corner – it had a real pub-like feel to it.

DSC02858 DSC02857

It was myself, K, LV and C.  It had decent veggie options and Alpaca and Guinea pig and all sorts of other things for them.

I want to mention the good part of today.  The reason for even being here – Machu Picchu.


We had an 8.30am start, took the bus from Aguas Calientes up to the site entrance and had a 2 hour tour with our favourite person.


I couldn’t for the life of you tell you anything he said.  Places like that are spiritual places, to be felt and understood not talked about.  One thing I did find quite interesting was that all the iconic pictures are not in fact of Machu Picchu, but of Wayna Picchu (Younger Peak, as opposed to Ancient Peak).  I was somehow left feeling robbed that we hadn’t approached it by foot on the Inca Trail through the Sungate, though these were pointed out, including the cemetery ceremonial stone and various temples, houses and granaries.


We spotted the other group and the excitement coming from them was electric and infectious.  I knew at once that I would have to return and do it ‘The Proper Way’.  It just didn’t feel right and although our trek was peaceful and beautiful and challenging in a different way, I knew it wasn’t enough for me.


Thankfully, we had just about 45 minutes to wander and enjoy the place ourselves.  Not enough.  Just not enough time.


Those 45 minutes were the most peaceful of the entire trip.  I wish I could have captured it forever.

I just ended up sitting in a secluded area under a rock, facing out towards the Andes watching the rainforest unfold itself below me.  Listening to the birds, watching the butterflies and imagining a time gone by.








The Incas were apparently only around for about 100 years.  Not very long at all.  And it’s pretty amazing how so much of it has been preserved.  It amazes me how people made structures so big when all they had was man power and the precision to detail, the perfection, is just mind blowing.


Machu Picchu to the right of this picture.


Check out those classic Inca steps!


Hair pin bends on approach




Wayna Picchu from my rock


Machu Picchu from my rock


My and my rock, just chilling


Doesn’t really capture it…



Wayna Picchu

Wayna Picchu



I might end it there for now.

I think I will be joining the Inca group for drinks, at least one and then collapse.

Tomorrow morning, I would like to go see Cusco market.

My flight home is at 1640 and I really hope there will be no problems.

My mind is already reverting back and I am forgetting the things that make this South America.  Perhaps it will hit me when I am back in my own house surrounded by the million emails I have not set an out of office for, exam questions and the mountain of boxes awaiting for me to recycle.  Doesn’t that all sound glamorous?’



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