Kit List


Paracetamol (get lots)

Ibuprofen (same as above, though watch out for contraindications-asthmatics and stomach ulcer sufferers especially keep away)

Compede/alternative blister treatment (self explanatory)

Dioralyte (oral rehydration, local therapy of sugar and salt mixed in water can have similar benefits)

Loperamide (for diarrhoea)

Acetazolamide (for Acute Mountain Sickness.  NB-not to be taken lightly)

Dexamethasone (for Acute Mountain Sickness.  NB-not to be taken lightly)

Antiseptic cream 

Zinc oxide tape (great for skin and soft tissue damage)

Insect repellent (with Deet)

Foot powder (disgusting I know)

Bucastem/Prochlorperazine (make sure you check with your doctor before deciding on an appropriate anti-emetic i.e. anti-nausea/vomiting tablet)

Gloves (in case of emergency, safety first)

Plasters (a varied assortment of sizes and shapes)

Aloe vera cream (The single most amazing thing to use on skin, great for burns, sun burn or frost bite)

Burns cream/spray (I guess incase the aloe vera doesn’t work!)

Antibiotics (I recommend something broad spectrum Co-Amoxiclav for example, but again check in with your doctor.  Azithromycin is a good one for atypical infections)

Fungal cream (You never know!)

Alcohol gel x2 (Also known as, hand sanitiser)

Tiger balm (It’s kind of like Vicks, but smaller and more potent.  Great for aches and pains)

Tube grip (Actually not enough evidence that these work, but I have a dodgy left knee which might be happy for some extra support.  Plus, it’s always useful to have some sort of ‘bandage’ for emergency situations)

First aid kit-We had one lying around, I kept the follow: scissors, antiseptic wipes, plasters, blister plaster, and stuffed the rest of my medications into the kit itself


Bar of soap x2 (one for self, one for clothes.  I chose Medimix, a brand of soap from India which I know and love.  My brother and I have also found that mosquitoes somehow stay away from us when we use it!  Unscientific theory but I still love this soap)

Deodorant (miniature from Boots)

Shampoo (miniature, from one of the million hotels I stayed in during my America/Canada stay but can just as easily be picked up from Boots)

Moisturising cream (All purpose for face and body.  I know this is sinful but come on, it’s only 18 days!)





1 x big bag

1 x small bag

2 x walking poles

1 x hydration pack


1 x full set of clothes (top, bottom, socks etc) in 1 x dry bag for that ‘I just need some dry clothes’ moment

4 x socks

6 x tops

2 x base layers

3 x trousers

1 x walking boots

1 x waterproof trousers

1 x waterproof jacket

1 x down jacket

3 x fleeces

1 x sleeping bag + liner

1 x hat

1 x buff

1 x sunglasses

1 x base layer gloves

1 x outer layer gloves

1 x head torch (Lithium batteries, plus spares)

1 x whistle (I just had this and thought I’d bring it)

Underwear (Don’t forget it!)


Gaffa tape (Single most important ‘tool’ you will bring.  Wrap it around your water bottle and walking poles and you won’t even have to bring a huge roll of it.  Useful for almost everything, from stabilising make shift stretchers to covering blisters (though watch when you take it off, it’ll hurt!)

Sunscreen (Even I will be wearing some as I doubt my skin will be used to unopposed sunshine, Factor 50, just in case)

Baby wipes (Another recommendation, sometimes feeling clean can make all the difference)

Dry fruits (nutritious and tasty)

Bags of sweets/treats (not really nutritious per say, but an important sugar rush and not to mention endorphin rush just when you need it)

Waterproof sandwich bags (This has actually been a great recommendation to me by one of the Cotswold guys, great for wrapping EVERYTHING and compartmentalising one bunch of gear e.g. foot stuff from another e.g. face cream.

Dry bags (a more expensive version of the above, but also accommodates bigger sizes!)

Camera (with spare battery, connector and spare memory card)

Multi plug adaptor


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